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Featured image for “Cable Management”

Cable Management

Proper cable management is crucial in both residential and commercial buildings to prevent hazards such as tripping, electrical fires and…

Paul McCarthy

Featured image for “Surveying safely”

Surveying safely

At MCP we are often asked to enter tight spacers, such lofts, basements, voids, etc, during the course of our…

Paul McCarthy

Featured image for “Is your door a fire door?”

Is your door a fire door?

In a block of flats it’s the leaseholders responsibility to ensure they install fire doors in their flat, as required…

Paul McCarthy

Featured image for “Solving Below Ground Drainage Problems”

Solving Below Ground Drainage Problems

Advising clients on defects to external walls which we believe is due to a simple blocked drain can be difficult…

Paul McCarthy

Featured image for “Listed boundary wall reconstruction”

Listed boundary wall reconstruction

MCP has been instructed to administer the reconstruction of an unsafe boundary wall extending along Quaker Lane in Isleworth, as…

Paul McCarthy

Featured image for “Preventing basement flooding”

Preventing basement flooding

Heavy rainfall and flash flooding is becoming more common. In recent months a number of neighbourhoods in London have experienced…

Paul McCarthy

Featured image for “McCarthy Partnership Ltd now called MCP”

McCarthy Partnership Ltd now called MCP

Commercial building consultants McCarthy Partnership Ltd have rebranded to become MCP. The rebranding is in recognition that since the company…

Paul McCarthy

Featured image for “EWS1 form explained”

EWS1 form explained

In recent months we have had several clients contacting us and asking for advice on completing an EWS1 form in…

Paul McCarthy

Featured image for “Japanese knotweed: ‘Do Not Disturb’”

Japanese knotweed: ‘Do Not Disturb’

Japanese knotweed is an invasive plant that spreads rapidly and can tear through buildings, paving and roads. It is notoriously…

Paul McCarthy