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Replacing a slate roof

Choosing the correct slate for a roof replacement is hugely important, here are a few things to consider:

  • Always ask for a sample of the slate before you place an order.
  • The slate should be tested to BS EN 123261 (the recognised standard for natural slate quality).
  • Check the grade, for slate graded T1, which is the highest grade, the less the likelihood of oxidising pyrites in the slate, which lead to rust-coloured staining.
  • Slate is also graded by its tendency to absorb water and the lower the number, the better – low water absorption is linked to longer life. The maximum water absorption in the UK is 0.6.
  • Look out for S (carbonate content), slate that is graded S1 is the best.

If you are looking to get your slate roof replaced, contact MCP to see how we can help.

MCP - Replacing a slate roof