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Preventing basement flooding

Heavy rainfall and flash flooding is becoming more common. In recent months a number of neighbourhoods in London have experienced localised flooding due to torrential downpours. Parts of London received a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours, which not only effects roads and transport but has also severely damaged homes.

Standby generator

MCP have recently installed a gas standby generator which is purpose built and designed to handle the rigors of a troublesome basement car park which is prone to flooding in North London.

The basement had flooded previously so the works were part of an ongoing phased retro installation of an ACO drainage system and back-up generator. The generator will automatically come on if the building has a power cut and will run the pumps to ensure the basement does not flood again. The generator is located in a locked and fireproofed cupboard on the ground floor.

Contact MCP if you would like to discuss retrofitting your home or business to guard against the risk of future flooding.