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Flat roof defects

Flat Roof DefectsWhen replacing a flat roof, controlling condensation is a key issue both to protect the structure of the roof but to also comply with roofing standards.

One of the main British Standards for roofing was completely overhauled in 2018 and new guidelines published. The new guidance is under Section 4.7 Surface Condensation in BS 6229:2018 and replicates Building Regulation Guidance (Approved Document C) which requires the roof of a heated building to achieve a U-value not exceeding 0.35W/m²K at any point.

In such roofs, the risk of surface condensation is removed if continuity of insulation at upstands and roof penetrations exists. Clearly this is something to consider when your flat roof looks like the main picture.

If you have a flat roof that needs to be replaced or overhauled, we can undertake an initial design inspection, review the condition of the roof coverings and take core samples of the roof to identity the roof build up. We would inspect the falls to the roof to ensure it is sufficient to drain rainwater to the outlets, advice on if ponding was present, which may have a serious effect on the roof. We can prepare a specification of works and tender the specification to approved contractors to re-cover the roof to meet current building regulations.

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