Case Study: Building survey on Heathrow House

MCP - Case Study: Building survey on Heathrow House

Keyance appointed MCP Ltd to undertake a due diligence building survey of the third floor Heathrow House. The building was originally designed for a single occupier and has been extensively refurbished to provide Cat A office occupation. The building comprises of a complex structure with a central lift core separating the front and rear offices. The large ground floor area … Read More

What to look out for when leasing a shop or commercial property

Leasing a commercial property - MCP - Commercial Building Consultants

The dream of running a shop is high on a number of people’s wish list but before you sign a lease make sure you get a detailed commercial property survey. Commercial property surveys tend to be more complex than a residential survey because the buildings are often larger and commercial properties are subject to a broader range of legislation. In … Read More